Thursday, 10 February 2011


• Bishop John has been overdoing it and has been advised by his doctor to take a bit of a rest , therefore the service pattern for this month has had to be altered. We pray that he gets better quickly and wish him all the very best.

• Keith Howell’s funeral, led by Bishop John, was very well attended, the Church was packed, standing room only. His daughters both made exceptional eulogies and the music and hymns were very moving. We wish Pat and the family well.

• As we all know, there is a special Royal Wedding this year in April and I think that it would be fun to celebrate the occasion with a “STREET PARTY” or something of that nature. Maybe not on the day of the wedding, as no doubt you we will be watching on the television, but it could be in the evening, a bit cold, or on the following day.
April is not renowned for wonderful weather, but we have the Church tent and I can get another larger tent to make sufficient room for the whole village to attend. We could hold it either in the Estate Yard or in Manor Farm, rather than the Manor House lawn which could well be rather damp. We held the Jubilee party in Manor Farm and that worked very well. We have tables, chairs, bunting galore, drinks can be arranged should anybody feel the need and food? A lamb or pig roast maybe OR everyone contribute something themselves. Whatever it is, it needs to be warm. Any ideas please call Richard on: 470653.

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