Thursday, 29 October 2009

Allotments Project Update

Thanks to the sterling efforts of Anne Chamberlain, Johnny Earl and Carole Forbes the allotments project is gathering momentum. I'll hand you over to the project's mastermind, Anne Chamberlain:

Anne said: "The plan remains to put in an application for grant funding to clear the site above the tennis courts. The fund is set up as the Kings Cliffe Environmental Association (ie from Landfill tax) for their next meeting in Dec/Jan. To that end we have had quotes from three out of four potential contractors and are waiting for the fourth. The rest of the application is filled in and ready to go. We are setting up a bank account and have the promise of some funding from the County Council. The target is to have the site ready to use in March 2010 – probably about 10 modest size plots."
Anne adds: "There are a couple of ‘ripples’ which we hope to address in the next week or two. One is that we may need to describe the project as ”Community Gardens” and allow some access to the whole village and a second is obtaining written confirmation from the owners of the site that they will grant us a lease for, say, 10 years. Johnny is working on this latter and may have more up to date news.
Probably we will have a short meeting in November at the Kings Head of all those interested to bring you up to date and help us make final decisions. I will email all those who have expressed interest in having an allotment, plus Malcolm Winder and Marc Potter, with the date and time."
If you are interested and think you may not be on Anne's allotment mailing list – please drop me an email or call Anne Chamberlain on: 470455 or email

Food Fit for a King!

IF it wasn't enough of a challenge running a fantastic deli, great restaurant, and serving a few pints, Julia and Steve at the King's Head are trying to go one better with a new cafe called the King's Pantry.
It opens on Tuesday November 3 and will serve everything from a full english breakfast to traditional cakes and home made soup. As a special introductory offer pop into the pub and pick up a  voucher that entitles you to a free cup of coffee or tea and a home made scone. And don't forget to tell them that Apethorpe Blogspot sent you. It opens between 10am and 2pm.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Snows raise £650!

Andrea and Matt Snow would like to thank anyone who sponsored them for the Great North Run. The couple stormed the 13-miles to raise £650 for CAFOD.

Another Winder Wedding, by Malcolm & Lynn Winder

Saturday, 5th September was the celebration of the Marriage of Charlotte and Daniel at St. Leonard's Church. Thanks to all those who were able to share with us in what was a really joyful day. A very special thanks to Julia and Steve at the King's Head who provided us with a wonderful welcome (after a lovely service in the beautifully decorated church) and a splendid reception. The weather was very kind to us and the village looked at its very best. This was commented on by many of the guests who came from far and wide - reminding us yet again how blessed we are to live in this beautiful village community.

Charlotte and Dan on their big day


Tuesday, 15th September 2009
7-30pm at the Kings Head

NOTES (32 in attendance)

1. Apologies for Absence
Ian Groundwater    Linda Hindmarch        David Manger
George Ord        Richard Parkinson        Andrew Williams
    Mark & Loudine Wiseman
    New residents were welcomed to the village and the meeting:
Nicola Pearson at Dairy Cottage
Robin and Diane Gifford at Willowbrook House
We hope that they will be happy in Apethorpe and enjoy being part of village activities.

2. Minutes of the last Meeting
Accepted as an accurate reflection of meeting

3. Kings Cliffe Landfill site – Disposal of Radioactive Waste
Presentation by Kings Cliffe Waste Watchers
Matthew Kirk and Lisa Emerson attended the meeting to provide presentations and answer questions regarding the proposed use of the landfill site at Kingscliffe for the disposal of ‘low’ and ‘very low’ radioactive waste.
The presentation was well received. The presenters left material for all those in attendance to read.
The presenters provided a template letter that could be used as a guide in objecting to the plans or in asking for an extension to the consultation period                   
It was suggested that a link to the material on the Kings Cliffe Waste Watchers website could be made available via the Apethorpe blog                    ACTION NP/MP
A discussion ensued as to whether Apethorpe parish meeting should object to the plans.
A proposal was made for the meeting to forward a letter to NCC objecting to the plans (proposed A Forbes, seconded M Walsh) and this was carried unanimously            ACTION MWr

4. Matters arising from the last meeting;
a) Apethorpe Village Calendar
Mike Johnson advised that the summer photo collection was on display in the church, in the Kings Head and on the blog. He extended his thanks to Maggie Farmer and the photographers for their help and enthusiasm
The printers have been selected (Austin Rose, P’boro). Each unit will cost in the region of £5.50 - £5.74.
The calendar will be available by mid November. Mike needs to know the size of the order by the end of September (orders please!) and will require payment in advance.
Next year Mike is considering a wildlife theme for the calendar.
The meeting wished a “Happy Birthday’ to Mike who was too modest to share the number of his birthday!!
                            ACTION ALL

b) Community Responder Scheme
Deborah provided an update confirming that the volunteers would be ready for training towards the end of 2009, hopefully ready to go live early 2010.
A request was made for a volunteer who would help with looking after the bank account (treasurer)
c) Allotments
MWr advised that Leader Properties will be visiting the site late September and have suggested the areas are called ‘community gardens’. All future communications will use this phrase
Anne Chamberlain and Carole Forbes have been moving this project forwards. They have reviewed funding including grants and personal donations required.
12 people have registered an interest and they believe that the community gardens will be available March 2010
                                ACTION AC/CF
d) Apethorpe Hall update
John Coulson (EH) visited Apethorpe during June and updated villagers about the hall; this was appreciated
Recent updates to MWr include:
• No buyer has been identified
• Tours less successful this year (30% down on last year, 1500 people visited this year).
• Future of tours is unknown
• Notice board is being processed

Maggie farmer advised that EH had indicated that a villager’s ball had been promised in earlier communications; this will be followed up                ACTION MWr

e) Village Party
MWr extended thanks to Caroline who managed the very successful event. The event raised approximately £1500 which has been equally split between the church and the Community Responder scheme

5. Village telephone Kiosk
MWr provided and update on this issue. The village has been unsuccessful in retaining the use of the BT phone box as only 6 calls were made from it last year (to be viable 300 calls are required)
An enthusiastic discussion followed regarding how the village could buy and maintain the box. The box will cost £51.00 to purchase (includes section 50 licence).
Charles Shaw queried whether there would be ongoing insurance costs. This would be investigated        ACTION MWr

A proposal was made that we should purchase the box (proposed Julia Wells, seconded Maggie Farmer) and that all those present at the meeting could contribute £2.00 enabling the action to be immediate. The motion was carried unanimously. All present donated £2.00.                     ACTION MWr

Maintenance was discussed. Graham Warren agreed to volunteer as ‘maintenance director’. Julia Wells advised that George has agreed to paint the box when required            ACTION GW

6. Communications – The Village Blog
The blog is now managed by Nicola and Marc Potter (Dairy Cottage). Please forward any information to

7. Kings Head Update
Julia thanked the village for their patience during the weekend of the ‘Winder’ wedding.
Upcoming events include:
• Childrens’ Halloween party 3-6pm
• Xmas menus are now available for viewing

The Country shop is doing well and will start to stock more ‘basics’ including home baked bread. If demand continues it is possible that the opening times will be extended

8. Any other Business
a) Manor farm access
Mike Walsh presented the matter of the access to Manor Farm via the driveway to Coach House. He had heard that villagers had not been allowed access and he believes that the current owners may be intending to close the existing access in the future.
MWr suggested that the issue needed to be resolved for the village and advised a conciliatory approach. Mike Johnson volunteered to approach Simon and Rachel to determine the situation and report back.                                    ACTION MJ
A proposal was made to formally approach NCC to determine if there is in fact a right of way through Manor Farm ( proposed by Lois Phillips, seconded Carole Forbes )  and Margaret Parkinson volunteered to deal with this.        ACTION MP

b) Treasurers report
MW presented the accounts. MWr thanked Mike for his continued support

9. Date of the Next Meeting
8th December 2009