Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Our thoughts...

SOME rubbish luck and illness has descended on some of Apethorpe's residents in the last few weeks and months, so on behalf of Apethorpe News I'd like to send our thoughts to Lady Brassey, Steven Blyth, Keith Howell, Caroline Kyam, Lisa Rogers and Justine Aveyard. We wish them all the best of health and happiness.

Apethorpe Village Meeting on September 28

THE next Apethorpe Village Meeting takes place on Tuesday September 28th at 7.30pm at the King's Head, and Malcolm Winder is appealing for all villagers to attend.
The agenda includes an important update on actions required relating to the planning appeal for the radicoactove waste proposal in Kings Cliffe, and a formal response to the proposed new retail and holiday village development within the vicinity of Apethorpe will also be discussed.
If you wish to discuss any topic under Any Other Business then please send details to Carole Forbes, Clerk to the Meeting at: ceforbes_sch@yahoo.co.uk by Friday September 24.

The new Peterborough City Hospital by Victoria Leatham

An artists' impression of how Peterborough Hospital's Acute Ward 2 will look
WHICH building in Peterborough has 800 lavatories, or a corridor 450 metres long?  What is the biggest building project since the Cathedral was built ? The answer is contained in the title of this article. The new Peterborough City Hospital is a massive and complex building which will serve the needs of this growing city and surrounding rural communities for many years to come.
The Stamford and Peterborough Foundation Hospital Trust of which I have the honour to be a public governor, is extremely proud and excited to be able to achieve the launch of such a vast undertaking. The NHS as we all know, is going through a period of uncertainty, but one thing which is definite is that we deserve and will have a stupendous new hospital for local people.
The decision to close Peterborough District Hospital and Edith Cavell Hospital and combine their various specialist departments in one new “Super” hospital was taken some years ago. Construction began in 2007. The Trust is due to take over the keys of the new building during October! The fact that the delivery is ahead of schedule and on budget is no mean feat for those managing the project.
It is a huge building with many innovative and attractive features. There are a number of internal courtyards planted with shrubs and flowers and with brightly coloured sculptures in the space adjacent to the children’s wards. Art has been incorporated in the decoration of some large areas and the high entrance hall is to be hung with brightly coloured banners. Restaurants and cafes are conveniently situated off this main entrance hall,  guides will be available to make sure you find your way to where you need to be.
It is understood that when you are anxious and unwell, surroundings can influence how you feel. A great deal of effort has gone into the management of the “patient journey” from the moment you are admitted, to when you are welcomed onto the ward. Soothing colours are used to guide you from the hall to your particular ward block where you will be treated , these colours are found repeated in stairwells and corridors making it easier for you and visitors to find their way around.
The Maternity and Paediatric centre has its own entrance and there is a specific accident and emergency area for children. This forms part of a dedicated women and children’s unit.
All expectant mothers should attend this new maternity unit from 9.am on November 30th
There is a state- of- the- art Emergency Centre and the hospital contains 18 operating theatres!
The fact that cancer treatment can be managed in Peterborough, rather than patients having to travel to Addenbrookes down the heavily congested A14 road is a huge improvement in patient care. The new Radiotherapy suite will open in April next year.
When I last visited the hospital , which is undergoing final checking, they were delivering enormously powerful scanners which only just fitted down the corridors, the latest technology has been incorporated in the various departments but the small things have not been forgotten, each bed on the wards will now have its own free television!
Also on the wards, great changes in patient care have been incorporated. There are 612 beds in the hospital.  57% of these are in single rooms with their own en suite bathrooms. The other beds are in four bedded bays where the beds face the middle of the room in a cruciate pattern.  Each of these four bedded bays has its own bath or shower room. The days of long queues for the loo are over!
There is a sixteen bed critical care unit for severely ill patients.
An important date for you to remember is on the 3rd of December at 2am, Accident and Emergency will transfer to the new hospital.. Say a prayer for the staff who have to send everything to the new site...and then find it again when they get there! It is the most complicated removal probably ever undertaken in the city and may never be repeated in our lifetimes.
Everyone wants to know about parking! There is a multi storey car park for visitors and patients opposite the hospital but it is recognised that this will not be sufficient for the future. Once Edith Cavell is demolished and the site is cleared up, a much enlarged exterior car park will be available.
All outpatients attending regular clinics will be told when their clinics are moving , most relocations are taking place during November and December. Patients will be alerted to the dates when departments will be in their new locations.

Nuclear Waste Appeal Date Looms

DIANE Gifford kindly sent us this update on the horror that is the on-going saga and forthcoming appeal date for Augean appeal to dump nuclear waste in Kings Cliffe.

Diane said: "The hearing is being held in Corby (Holiday Inn) beginning Oct 26.  As you may know, Augean is now applying to extend landfill operations by a further 13 years - to 2026 and to open extra cells to accept more nuclear waste.

"There are 2 items of good news.  Firstly, Kings Cliffe Wastewatchers hae adopted Rule 6 status and will appear as a third party.  (see guide for more info as to what that means)  Secondly, they've secured the services of Dr Chris Busby as an exert witness.  Google his name for more info, but he speaks up at Inquiries questioning the established view of radiation harm. He recently won a case against the MOD over the connection between depleted uranium and Gulf War Syndrome, and has been on the news for his report on birth defects in Fallujah, Iraq, being caused by uranium in shells. He is currently in the USA speaking up for survivors of A-bomb tests, so he is quite a catch."

"As you see, anyone who would like to can speak at the hearing as an "interested party" but names need to be put forward in advance.  Obviously it'll be important to have a good attendance.  Waste Watchers have booked a 28 seater bus for the first day for a show of force - it could collect in Apethorpe"

At present, the details are:

Leaves KC middle skool at 9am, 26th Oct.
Leaves Holday Inn 1pm.

Cost £100.00 - so the charge is £3.50 a seat.

Diane added: "I'd be happy to collate numbers willing to go from Apethorpe  (obviously depending on numbers, a bigger coach might be necessary)  Although the Inquiry usually goes on until 5.00pm, we thought people might not want to stay the whole day, especially if they have kids with them (it is over half term).   Free posters are being produced so they can be displayed in windows and around villages. When the Inspector makes her visit on 25th October, it would be good if there were plenty of these around (plus any flags or any other signs of protest)."

Contact Diane Gifford at: dg@giffordhome.co.uk

Land Rover Owners Beware

CAR THIEVES in Northamptonshire are stealing Land Rover 110 and 90s and a number of local residents have already been the victims of these callous thieves.
We're sad to report that vehicles have recently been stolen from Apethorpe, Nassington and Woodnewton and Police are appealing for anyone who owns a Land Rover to keep it secure even if it's left for just a minute.
The prestigious country vehicles are being stolen and broken up for spare parts and being used to take part in other crimes such as stealing trailers and caravans.
We spoke to Land Rover Owner magazine editor John Pearson who recommended fitting a Disklock steering wheel lock as the best deterrent.
He said: "Do make sure you always use a lock, even if it is a pain to lift on and off. A relative of mine left his off during the day outside his house in Burton Latimer and it went. Two of LRO's contributors had theirs stolen as well; one at the Billing Show and the other from outside his house."
If you see anything suspicious around your vehicle or anyone else's then please call: 03000-111-222 or 999 in the event of an emergency or crime in progress.

Free smoke alarms

APETHORPE'S very own Neighbourhood watch representative Johnny Earl has contacted Apethorpe News to say that free Smoke Alarms are up for grabs.
The first 50 smoke alarms will be given away on a first come, first served basis to members of NHW who are thought to be most at risk.
The Fire Service has also offered any member of NHW a free home fire safety check.
If you would like to request a smoke alarm and/or a fire safety check you will need to contact your local NHW representative and provide your name, address and telephone number. The Fire Service will then contact you directly to arrange the fire safety check. Contact: terry.savill@northants.police.uk or 03000 111 222 extn 4336.