Thursday, 30 December 2010

Notes from the Village Meeting December 2010

1.     Apologies
M. & L. Phillips                    I. Groundwater
G. & L Warren                      A. Forbes
C. &C. Dean                           A. Walsh
K & P Howells                      N. Pearson
R. & M. Parkinson             M. Potter

2.     Minutes of the Last Meeting
3.     Matters Arising from the Last Meeting.
3a)           Radioactive Waste
After Planning Enquiry, the Inspector and two representatives each from the Council, Augean and Wasted Watchers toured the villages to get a feel for local opinion.
The Report by the Inspector will be published on 21st February 2011. It has also been called in by the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles and he will publish his decision on 24th May 2011.
A copy of the Report has been requested by M. Winder as soon as it is published.
Comments from the floor relayed:
a) Our concern that Augean have so many funds it makes any enquiry inherently unfair. (L.W)
b) Our people did very well in standing up to them. (MW)
c) On-line petitions have been seen to be successful and we should consider this approach to the Secretary of State after 21st Feb (PK)
d) We should write letters to lobby the S. of S. after 21st February. (PK)
Action   M. Winder will write to Louise Bagshaw thanking her for her support and involvement on behalf of the village.
Action   Village to write individually to S. of S after 21st Feb, also M. Winder to write on behalf of the village community.
3b) Telephone Box           G. Warren is making shelves, repairing and reframing the door then repainting the whole box for it to become a Library. M. Foxwell has offered to take on the project . Lighting will be funded by BT. Insurance is being negotiated with the Council through M. Winder.
3c) Greetings Cards. (MJ)                Eight views from in and around the village have been chosen  and developed into a set of Greetings Cards. Our thanks to N. Pearson for her contact with the printer. 100 sets have been created and they are now on sale.
£6.00 for pack of eight,  £10.00 for two packs.
Some have been sold to the church at a lower rate to help with church funds.
Village recorded their thanks to Mike and Anne Johnson for all the work involved.
Views are also available to use as screensavers if anyone is interested, contact M. Johnson.
3d) Community Responder Scheme         We now own our own Defibrillator and oxygen kit. There have been 8 call-outs since September.
3e) Holiday Village Proposal        The Developer is putting together an Environmental Impact Report which has to be assessed by the Council. The meeting were concerned to hear that Rockingham Forest Park Ltd. have already started work on the project by the Kingscliffe Industrial Estate building a lake, roads and reception area without planning permission.
‘M. Winder to write to the Planning Authorities of our strong objection to the project’
Proposed by P. Kerrush
Seconded by M. Walsh                                      Unanimously carried.

       4.       Christmas Entertainment (DG, MF, NP, JB)
Arranged for Saturday 11th December in the church. 23 acts in all, programmes printed (sponsored by The Kings Head) Mulled wine and mince pies will be served. There will be a prize draw with an M&S Hamper as first prize (thanks to JB)
Other raffle prizes will be gratefully received.
Our thanks to Diane Gifford and Mandy Foxwell, Nicola Pearson and Justine Bentley for organising everything.
5      Treasurers Report
Mike Walsh reported a Credit Balance £151.06.
MW asked for a proposal to appoint four other formal signatories.
It was agreed to include M. Winder, C. Forbes, M. Johnson and P. Kerrush. M. Walsh has the forms and will arrange it.
       6.       Village Precept
                  ‘We do not want to raise a Village Precept for 2010-2011’
                  Proposed by N. Blachford
                  Seconded by M. Johnson.              Unanimously agreed.                    
7.    Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.                 A scam involving parcel delivery and the firm PDS was outlined. M.Hindmarch informed the Meeting that this was now out of date. Other scams are around – beware.
        Community Police Officers have asked villagers to look out for neighbours in this cold weather.
8.    Winter Roads     NCC gritters will work two networks.
Priority 1               Overnight gritting of roads from Oundle, through Woodnewton and Apethorpe to Kingscliffe and  Wansford.
Priority 2               Apethorpe to Nassington gritted if man power is available.
Information available on NCC web site (/winter)
Councillor H. Smith had emailed M. Winder to ask householders to clear paths if possible in this bad weather – no risk of repercussions!
M. Johnson asked whether anything was being done about the mud outside the Augean site.
9.    Apethorpe Hall                                     English Heritage has completed 2nd stage. Since June 2008 it has been on the market but so far no one has been interested. They are now carrying out further renovation work up until 2013 when it will be remarketed.
10.                   Kings Head Update.          Colin and Carol Dean from The Old Post Office have suggested a village collection for Julia and Steve. Please put money in a named envelope through their door with a phone number so they can confirm receipt of it and they will pass on a gift and card to Julia and Steve. Target date 15th December please.
11.                   AOB        L. Winder informed the meeting that Harry James, baby to Johnny and Julia Earl was now doing well and Keith Howells would welcome visitors – please phone first.     
12. Date of next meeting     Tuesday 6th April

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